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Some people might define social media marketing as a way for brands to communicate with their customers, but we refer to it as a tool to connect with industry leaders and consumers.

Aren’t you looking for a team that believes in Purposeful Marketing, which helps maintain lasting relationships between your brand and the customers?

If you are, then you are in the right place!

Our secret to an effective SMM is a combination of research and technology, design and content to make your brand interactive across various Social Media platforms. We aim to be your go-to-fix for all aspects related to social media marketing.

Did you know that we also help create a positive brand image by identifying and effectively marketing your USP?

Try us out.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog, WordPress or Google+ campaign, you can count on us for all your digital needs.

The Big Mouth Digital team also specializes in effortlessly improving the ROI on all social media platforms.

The process followed by us is that we understand, analyze, research, strategize, implement, report and carry periodic follow-up.

We optimize your social channels on a regular basis to get the best results. We share a weekly report and a monthly overview of the milestones achieved.

Our Key Services:

  1. Social Media Marketing for Small Business
  2. Paid Social Media Advertising
  3. Social Media Advertising Strategy
  4. SMM Campaign Optimization
  5. Online Branding

Big Mouths’ ingenious process: Social Media Marketing

1st Step – Allocate a suitable social media expert to your account

A social media expert with the right amount of experience and exposure in the particular industry niche will help you decrease costs and increase results.

His/her expertise will administer all your social media advertisements, develop a strategy and implement it.

2nd Step – Devise an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Before spending/blowing off all your ad budgets, just make sure that you have a sound social media advertising strategy.

Our experts will reinforce a clear and concise content marketing strategy for your business. This will consist of eminent advertising models that have proven to be most effective in the social media domain.

3rd Step – Devising Ads that Engage your Audience

We believe in creating advertisements that have got more brand retention value. Our ad professionals will devise a creative copy and develop visual creative for your campaign.

4th Step – Tracking your Ad Performance

We track your ads on a regular basis and identify ads with low-performance indicators. If results begin to plummet, we will evaluate the problem immediately and take respective actions for the same.

5th Step – Monthly Analysis and Reporting

We provide a comprehensive insight into your ad performance by preparing a monthly report for you to review. A conversion tracking sheet will also be maintained for you to evaluate the performance of your social media accounts.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Decision makers of any small scale business might be overwhelmed by the idea of social media and its integration.

Social media is definitely one of the best ways to connect with your audiences and potential customers.

We believe in giving out the best of services which are cost-effective.

  • Set social media goals and objectives
  • Research the competition
  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Create a Social media calendar
  • Decide which platforms are best suitable for your business
  • Expand your audience

Paid Social Media Advertising

Actually, that mindset has been gone for a few years.

It all comes down to how you target your audience, shape the customers’ journey and get people to your site to make a purchase. Paid Social Media Advertising certainly helps you with that.

7 benefits of using paid social media advertising for your small business:

  1. Amplify your reach
  2. Fit any budget
  3. Enhance your targeting
  4. Boost brand awareness
  5. Maximize your content marketing
  6. Gain access to mobile users
  7. Gather market insights

Social Media Marketing by Big Mouth

Clients are the Lifeblood of our business. All our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client and their brand objective,geared towards delivering results.