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Top 8 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

The year 2020 has been full of mixed experiences for everyone. Right from the brands to the digital marketers everyone tripped to survive the unpredictable moments that the year got along.

Despite everything, digital media marketing in the year 2020 grew from a baby elephant to a full grown one. It was ready to take up all the hardships and convert them as a solution to bring most of the industries out of the pandemic. It didn’t matter which industry you belong to, the need of the hour was to keep up with the emerging digital trends that couldn’t be ignored.

Haven’t we seen our parents talking about Vishnu Kaushal’s latest videos about a Punjabi mom that they received on WhatsApp?
Didn’t we hear our parents comparing our success to Niharika Nm hitting 1 million (we feel you!)
Haven’t we endlessly scrolled Instagram Reels to find out that perfect recipe?

From the various challenges that we ended up recreating to the various AR filters that we used to know our personality; the year 2020 saw Digital Marketing growing exponentially where almost every day new trends were seen emerging.

Let’s look back and glance at the trends that made the pandemic season exciting for us. Here is a throwback to ‘trends’ lane and see Digital Marketing trends of 2020 –

1. From TikTok to Instagram Reels

This year saw a ban on one of the most used apps on social media – TikTok. Instagram quickly took this to its advantage and as usual, did not fail to impress everyone. It was a sigh of relief when Instagram introduced Reels video content for the users. Be it the ongoing challenges; transition videos; latest fashion; craft ideas or cooking/baking videos; or the famous ‘main tera’ edits, these 15-30 seconds video could incorporate everything under the sun.

Similar to this is YouTube shorts, which shared the same purpose as Instagram Reels just on a different social media platform. As per the stats revealed, short videos are also one of the most preferred ways through which the users want to learn about a new product or service.

(Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/state-of-video-marketing-new-data )

Hence, making reel videos was a trend for the influencers to brands using Digital platform. This is an era where video marketing is not an option, but a necessity!   


2. Mashups

This year, every non Punjabi learnt at least 2 Punjabi lines which they just couldn’t stop humming! Multiple videos were recreated by multiple generations reiterating ‘how beautiful they are’. Thanks to the likes of Yashraj Mukhute, dialogues and sentences which probably had no recognition started to make sense with their music and beats. The day isn’t far when everyone in the parties will groove to these music beats.


3. Instagram Guides

Multiple influencers and celebrities have been posting content to guide their users/viewers. It is a way to get recommendations, tips and other content from your favourite creators or celebrities on Instagram. This content is quite famous among youth as they can easily find reliable information and inspiration from their favorite accounts.


4. Laughter is the best medicine

Year 2020 was difficult for everyone and amidst it, any source of happiness and laughter was bound to catch eyes. Funny, sarcastic and relatable content put all together definitely connects and makes it easier to express opinions with. A rise in this content also gave a chance to a lot of content creators and influencers who gained popularity.


5. Moment marketing

2020 did not only give us a year of pandemic, but also multiple moments where we laughed and cried. We grieved the deaths of various celebrities, we felt sad when Dhoni announced his retirement and not to forget, how Google managed to go down twice this year (we can see how employees who were working from home are smiling right now).

This year saw an increase as marketers were quick to catch such moments and post content around it. The year was even more special because the viewers also took a stand for social causes throughout the year. Thus making this a year of collectively standing together through thick and thin.


6. AR or Augmented Reality Filters

The term “augmented reality” may sound very advanced, but we have all been interacting with it each day while scrolling Instagram. All of us this year have absolutely loved when a filter on Instagram told us that we are a look-alike of our favourite celebrities.

With over 400 million people using Instagram, all of us have used cute face filters or tried to understand gibberish. In 2020 AR filters have been one of the most effective ways to engage with users, to showcase brand persona or simply to increase brand’s awareness. It is useful for a brand, business or influencer.


7. Personalised Social Media marketing

Long gone are those days where marketing meant only cold calls or generic emails. These have been replaced by personalised marketing, where the belief is to adapt social media campaigns that suit the tastes and preferences of the marketing audience.


8. LinkedIn stories

LinkedIn like other social media platforms, introduced story feature giving a quick and engaging way to share professional updates on LinkedIn. This led to an easier way of making quick and casual conversations with the network,  as a result, making it one of the most important tools for marketers.


Year 2020 has seen an increase in some of the most innovative Digital Marketing trends. We saw an increase in content creators in turn creating an increase in user generated content. Influencer marketing which was only restricted to fashion and lifestyle became vast in 2020! We saw individuals add fun, and humour to daily routine life and social issues. 

There are plenty of marketing trends from 2020 that will continue to be game changers through 2021. We definitely can’t wait to see more of these and experiment with them while we sail through this year!            


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