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7 highly successful LinkedIn marketing strategies to grow your brand

As we all know LinkedIn is one of the growing and preferred platforms for B2B or brands. And thanks to lockdown, more businesses are taking advantage of the platform and creating a strong reputation to circulate content to clients and customers.

So if you are new on LinkedIn or still trying to figure out the best LinkedIn marketing strategies for your business, then you are at the right place!

We are going to share with you 7 highly successful LinkedIn marketing strategies-

1. Optimize Your Profile

Optimization as a word is often associated with SEO or paid marketing but optimization of your profile is one of the important parts of LinkedIn. Insert the most used keywords in your profile headline and About us section. Remember always use keywords that are more relevant to your niche.

Once your Headline and About us section are updated next we need to focus on the profile photo and banner; use professional and high-resolution photos. Make sure if you are uploading a brand logo, avoid extra spacing in the photo.

Once you’re done with your profile and banner, the next step is to simply share your content, preferably links.

Yes, links that could be from your website, blog or other social media profiles, which help you divert traffic from your LinkedIn profile to your website, blog, or other social media profiles.


2. Find out your target audience

Now once you optimize your profile, it’s time to learn about your audience and then target them. You can create a blueprint of your audience that should be based on different parameters such as age, location, industry or interest etc.

Apart from this you can also use paid features on LinkedIn, which is, sales navigator. Through the sales navigator, you can get more features and filters to target your audience and sell or pitch about your product.

But if you’re not looking for any investment then you can your basic LinkedIn search option. Still, it will give you the results.

3. Post Interactive or actionable content

A brand can give tons of value and interact directly with its audience. Posting daily about your industry or brand can help the audience know you better. It can also increase your brand awareness. Asking questions or points of view can really increase your post reach and also you will get to know your audience thought process.

In short, content that motivates the audience to interact with your post can help your profile to grow.

4. Take advantage of LinkedIn groups

This tip can be beneficial for all small business owners. Joining LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your niche or target demography always work. It is not only a good way to listen to your audience but also there is a chance of interacting with other business owners. More importantly, you can message your group member directly, even if you aren’t connected. You can also create your own LinkedIn group, to interact with the audience.

5. Use LinkedIn Ads

Building an organic audience on your LinkedIn is a much important part than running any ads. Because on LinkedIn there are the decision-makers of your target companies, and to win their trust, you need to first build your credibility. To apply all the steps mention in this article and build your organic audience and then start with LinkedIn ads.

Talking about types of ads on LinkedIn, you can create an ad for awareness and also generate leads for your brand.

6. Encourage your employees to engage or share your content

The LinkedIn algorithm works according to engagement; more the engagement more the reach. To beat this algorithm, the content has to generate more engagement. One of the best ways to get more engagement is by encouraging your employees to like, comment, and share the post.

If your post gets good engagement in the first 60 seconds, then LinkedIn will be labeling your content as good quality content and it will push your post to more and more connections.

Recently LinkedIn rolled out a new feature where your employees can get a notification about the new post on the company page. This feature can really help your employees to know about the post and they can engage in due time.

7. Use LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn stories

 Using any new feature on social media can automatically get a good reach. LinkedIn recently launched this feature where you can go live and engage with your audience as we do on other social media platforms. But currently, this feature is live in selective locations, only.

LinkedIn is NOT like Facebook or Instagram where the number of followers are important, it is all about delivering high-quality content and engaging with your audience.

So use the points in your strategy and focus on providing high-quality content to your audience.

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