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Consumer psychology used by marketers

This is how Marketers use Consumer Psychology to create their Brand Communications

Every marketing communication drafted by advertisers covers a specific, niche audience. Consumer psychology used by marketers plays a vital role to drive sales!

The efforts range from copywriting strategies to targeting the right mediums or channels. Sophisticated, but Highly Effective!

Though there are vast differences when it comes to selecting a particular good or a service, the overall ‘Buyer Behaviour’ remains highly consistent.

Certain psychological principles come to play that involuntarily affects our drive to buy, keeping factors in mind like ‘When, Why and Who’.

The secret to tapping into our consumer’s subconscious is to understand their behaviour and learn what the latter wants from your business. The key is ‘Subtlety’.

Keeping this in mind, there are various aspects of marketing communications which entice the audiences completely, driving your sales and brand loyalty.

Here are a few pointers which every marketer should consider!

  • Individuals ‘Buy More’ if it’s easily accessible

  • Address your Consumers & Build Relations

  • Tell your customers ‘What they Want!

  • Customers Want Brands They Can Trust

  • Word Of Mouth

Individuals ‘Buy More’ if it’s easily accessible

Around 84% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if the brands/companies make it easily accessible to them. It can be as simple as a ‘Streamlined Process’ with not many complications.

Many marketers have failed to realize this aspect, making their websites, price plans, and return policies complicated.

Let’s take Ola for instance. The accessibility of transit service with a smooth running, up-to-date application has made travelling much easier for all the individuals.

You just have to follow these steps:

1. Select your Mode of TransportMode of Transport

2. Enter the drop pointEnter Drop Point

3. Select ‘Mode of Payment’

Mode of Payment

4. Searching for nearby rides

Finding a Ride

5. Receive ‘Drivers Details’

Driver's Details


This is the effect of Digitization. Easy accessibility and convenient user interface induce the consumer to buy or opt for that particular good/service.

Address your Consumers & Build Relations

It is observed that consumers like to have a personal touch with their brands. Addressing your consumers with exclusivity tends to give them a sense of affinity towards the brand they are most loyal to.

Adress your customersTerms like ‘our top priority clients’ and ‘gold members’ also work wonders!

Tell your customers ‘What they Want!

It is human tendency to validate everything that comes from a reliable source.

Reliance Jio came up with a brilliant marketing strategy that bounded many individuals under its spell! Giving out free ‘SIM Cards’ was an awesome strategy, but the best part about it was that they were offering free Internet Services for a Year! This was during the age when access to the internet was more of a luxury than a necessity. Now the tables have turned.

Customers are more likely to take any action if you tell them ‘WHY’, but more importantly, ‘HOW’.

Let’s have a look at Zomato Gold’s effortless execution!

Zomato Gold Registration Process

Certain action points like a ‘Clickable CTA’ & ‘Register Now’ can drive your consumers to achieve your desired goals.

Customers Want Brands They Can Trust

‘Brand Image’ and ‘Identity’ is of utmost importance, at least from the consumer’s point of view. In this digital age, businesses are resorting to online transactions which take their personal information. This leads to the main concern i.e Credibility.

For instance, let’s take ‘Tata Nano’ and its entry in the automobile industry. A great marketing communications strategy was set in place to attract consumers.

‘A smart, budget-friendly four-wheel drive for the common man’. On top of that, they were only launching about 2 lakh vehicles with exclusivity! This made it one of the most desirable car in that particular year (2008).

But there were certain factors that made ‘Nano’ a complete disaster!

  • As it was projected as the ‘Cheapest Car’, most of the elites were against the idea of owning one, as buying a car is directly related to your social status in the society
  • Secondly, Nano’s ‘fire incident’ compromised its safety aspect

However, as ‘Nano’ is just a brand extension of Tata’s automobile sector, this mega-disaster didn’t affect the overall credibility of the Tata Group due to its formidable status.

The lesson to be learnt: 

Work towards building relationships through simple marketing campaigns, follow-ups etc.

Word Of Mouth

Evidence suggests that more than 80% of millennials rely on User Generated Content (UGC) for brand awareness and authenticity.

Product reviews play a vital role. Never underestimate the power of ‘Unanimity’.

Let’s take into consideration Apple’s ‘Shot On iPhone’ Campaign.

User Generated ContentApple’s reliability regarding their camera capabilities for pictures shot in low lights soon took a toll on the brand’s identity, due to the user’s dissatisfaction.

Apple strategically launched #ShotOnIphone campaign to regain the lost trust. The idea was to encourage the user’s, whether newbies or pros, to capture images in low-light with their iPhones and share it online.

Some of the greatest photographs were soon posted on YouTube under the campaign name ‘Shot on iPhone’. This kind of an innovative approach helped regain the trust of the user’s and displayed cost-efficiency as there was no real production cost.



Being individuals from different backgrounds and creed, we are, after all, a ‘Social Animal’. Do follow these tips and witness the difference! We at Big Mouth Digital & Media have cracked the code to a successful marketing strategy. Reach out to us to elevate your brand presence with subtlety.

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