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4 Rising Social Media Apps in 20204 Rising Social Media Apps in 2020

Finding ways to lead the ‘Marketing Game’ in 2020? Then you need to be aware of the upcoming platforms and mediums, that just might be worth your time and money!

The marketing fanatics at Big Mouth Digital & Media have shortlisted four social Media Applications that is steadily rising in the year 2020.

While consumers actively engage in these platforms, content marketers across the globe are completely oblivious to its presence!

Listed down are four Social Media Applications that every marketer should consider while deriving their content strategies in 2020.


Infamously known as ‘Musical.ly’, Tik-Tok is one of the most widely used social media platforms across the globe!

Simply put, Tik-Tok is ‘Karaoke’ in the digital age! And this very essence of Tik-Tok has enticed the audiences, especially millennials as it became a platform to express themselves through comedy, dancing, singing and lip-syncing.

Tik Tok

For some critics, this platform just might be a complete waste of time, but marketers, especially brand and digital marketers cannot overlook Tik-Tok’s power and influence.

According to a data coalition from Sensor Tower (a mobile research firm), it is estimated that Tik-Tok has got approximately 800 million users worldwide (excluding Android users in China).

Knowing China’s current overpopulation crisis, just imagine the number of unaccounted users living in this dynamic country.

Not convinced about this platform yet? Let the numbers speak!

Tik Tok StatsSource: https://www.brandsynario.com/tik-tok-download/


Surprisingly, India accounts for the most number of Tik-Tok users across the globe. So, I’ve just got one thing to say to the Indian marketers i.e. 119.3 million users.

Note: If your brand’s Target Group is 16-24, it’s a great place to promote your business; works great for fashion and e-commerce verticals.


LinkedIn has proven to be yet another influential social media application. Being a business-oriented platform, marketers can increase their connections by connecting with other working professionals.

As there is a wide range of industrial sectors in India, most of them engage in B2B transactions. For this very reason, LinkedIn has seen a drastic increase in the number of users, particularly professionals having a recurring income.

LinkedInThis has led the content marketers to channel their marketing efforts on this platform as well.

LinkedIn is one of the social media applications that come across as a credible platform.

According to Statista, 61 million LinkedIn users are based out of India.

This is surely a haven for digital marketers. Through LinkedIn, you can also run sponsored content with the help of LinkedIn ads. The amount that you want to invest is totally up to you.

LinkedIn Marketing Stats

You can start and stop the ad at any given point in time. While ads are sold through an online auction, A wide range of targeting options are offered by LinkedIn ads.

Do check out our blog How to use Paid Marketing on Social Media Platforms


Telegram is a cloud-based messenger application wherein users can send text messages and exchange multimedia (photos, videos, stickers, audio files and documents).

Telegram has seen a steady rise in the number of users. As per the company’s announcement, there are over 200 million users globally, and Telegram is fast gaining the attention of the Indian audiences.

India has witnessed a 65% growth in user count in the year 2019.

In addition to being a replica of WhatsApp, Telegram offers a crucial selling point by having an end to end encryption, making it immune to cyber-attacks. (At least the data officers claim that!)

Undoubtedly, the traction is primarily driven by customer engagement and marketing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, along with various privacy issues that many Indian audiences have faced with Telegram’s biggest competitor, WhatsApp!

According to an article by The Times of India, the EDTECH sector is the largest adopter of this application in India. You might wonder why? A large group of tech professionals and students preparing for competitive exams are active on Telegram!

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Telegram also offers something known as ‘Telegram Ads’. Do look into it for deeper insights!


If you haven’t come across this name before, please expand your learning horizons! Although you may have not used Pinterest knowingly, you probably might’ve used it somewhere.

Whenever you search for reference images on Google, there’s a good probability that you might’ve taken the reference from Pinterest.

To put it across in simple terms, Pinterest is a ‘Social Media Platform’ where users ‘pin’ images, ideas, products, infographics etc. on bulletin boards. Having a visual-oriented approach, the usage of the platform has skyrocketed amongst marketers.

Pinterest StatsIn India’s so-called ‘Digital Age’, Pinterest is the 6th most popular social networking site. With so many users constantly surfing on the World Wide Web for references, information and ideas, Pinterest can prove to be really successful when it comes to Engagement!


As 2020 kick-starts itself, it’s worth using this time to expand your marketing horizons! If you’re looking for an expert in the above social media domains, feel free to contact us!

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