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Evolution of 'Digital Marketing'This is how ‘Digital Marketing’ has evolved throughout the years!

Over the past few years, marketing as a whole had to keep up with the ever-progressing technological advancements.

The invention of phones was witnessed in the era where ‘hard-core sales’ came into play, while the rise of television led to a whole new ‘ball-game’ when it came to devising ‘Content Strategies’ for brands and enterprises.

As a result in today’s world, the tables have turned! The introduction of ‘Smart Phones’ has completely changed the consumer’s way of life!

It’s the pioneers who have changed the face of marketing by introducing everyone to the digital world!

We have listed the ‘Evolution of Digital Marketing’ below, starting from the introduction of this very peculiar term ‘Digital Marketing’, which was termed in 1990.

Seems like it is the start of a ‘REVOLUTIONARY AGE’.



The first-ever ‘Search Engine’ that came into existence, Archie is a tool that was devised for indexing or compiling File Transfer Protocol (FTP) archives, allowing users to find specific files. 

Archie is derived from the word ‘Archive’. Perhaps the letter ‘V’ was supposedly left out!

'Archie' - First Search Engine


First ‘Clickable Web Ads’

The first-ever ‘Banner Ad’ on the web was an advertisement for AT&T’s ‘You Will’ campaign.

First Clickable Web Ad1995

Incorporation of ‘Yahoo’

Yahoo was originally founded in 1994, while it was incorporated in 2nd March 1995. Yahoo is considered as one of the pioneers of the early Internet era in the 1990s.

Incorporation of 'Yahoo'1996

Launch of ‘Hotbot’

Launched in May 1996, Hotbot Safe Search is a tool providing search results.

Incorporation of 'Hotbot'1996

Homebase Renamed to ‘Looksmart’

Owners of Reader’s Digest Magzine (80% Stakeholders of Homebase – a web portal to supplement the Reader’s Digest Magazine) decided to sell Homebase at a leveraged price, due to Homebase’s incapability to function as a business venture.

'Homebase' renamed to 'Looksmart'1997

Introduction of ‘SixDegrees’

First-ever Social Media Website, SixDegrees allowed users to list friends, family members and acquaintances on the site.

Introduction of 'SixDegrees'1997

Incorporation of ‘Netflix’

The first subscription-based Over The Top (OTT) service provider that offers online streaming of a collection of films and television programs.

Incorporation of 'Netflix'1998

‘Google’ came into existence

The most used search engine in today’s world! You don’t search for ideas, You Google Them!
Googles involvement in online advertising technologies, search engine and cloud computing has helped them acquire its place amongst the big players – Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Incorporation of 'Google'2000

‘Hotbot’ and ‘Looksmart’ ceased to exist

Witnessing the ‘Ups & Downs’ of Digital Marketing World!

‘Hotbot’ and ‘Looksmart’ ceased to exist2000

Introduction of ‘Google AdWords’

A platform for online advertising, Google AdWords is a by-product of Google wherein advertisers pay to project brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings etc.

Introduction of 'Google AdWords'2002

Incorporation of ‘LinkedIn’

An employment-oriented service, LinkedIn was founded with the intent to promote professional networking.

Incorporation of 'LinkedIn'2003

‘WordPress’ came into existence

The most user-friendly and popular website management system.

'WordPress' came into existence2003

Introduction of ‘MySpace’

Dominated the Social Media Website space from 2005 to 2008! It offers an interactive scope for personal profiling, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos.

Introduction of 'MySpace'2004

Introduction of ‘Gmail’

Google developed Gmail – a free email service available in 105 languages.

Introduction of 'Gmail'2004

Incorporation of ‘Facebook’

The world’s widely used ‘Social Network’, as per today at least!

Incorporation of 'Facebook'2004

The inception of ‘Orkut’

A Social Networking website owned by Google.

The inception of 'Orkut'2005

Birth of ‘YouTube’

A ‘Video Streaming’ platform that broadcasts video clips, music videos, short films, documentaries, movie trailers, video blogging and educational videos.

Birth of ‘YouTube’2006

‘Twitter’ came into existence

Online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with each other, significantly known as ‘Tweets’. There are over 321 million active users on Twitter.

‘Twitter’ came into existence2007

Incorporation of ‘Tumblr’

Tumblr is a microblogging/social networking website that allows users to post content (multimedia) to a short-form blog.

Incorporation of 'Tumblr'2008

‘Spotify’ came into existence

An audio streaming platform that provides music and podcasts from record labels that are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).

‘Spotify’ came into existence


Incorporation of ‘Instagram’

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social network which was later acquired by Facebook. Instagram allows users to capture and upload their memories through photos and videos, which can be edited through various filters offered by IG.

Incorporation of ‘Instagram’2010

Introduction of ‘WhatsApp’

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging platform that allows users to send text/voice messages, make voice calls, video calls, share various multimedia files and user locations.

Introduction of 'WhatsApp'2010

The inception of ‘Pinterest’

Pinterest is a social media website and mobile application that enables users to discover information on the internet using images, gifs and videos. Currently, there are 291 million active users!

The inception of 'Pinterest'2011

‘Google+’ was launched

An internet-based social network that had over 111 million users.

‘Google+’ was launched2011

‘Snapchat’ came into existence

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that represents a mobile-first direction for social media, and solely emphasizes on users interacting with Virtual Stickers and Augmented Reality (AR) objects. There are 187 million active users on Snapchat.

‘Snapchat’ came into existence2011

‘Facebook Messengers’ initial launch

A messaging app where users can send messages, exchange photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, documents, audios etc.

‘Facebook Messengers’ initial launch2012

Google adds ‘Knowledge Graph’

Knowledge Graph is a ‘knowledge base’ used by Google. It was introduced to improve the search engine results by gathering information from a variety of sources.

Google adds ‘Knowledge Graph’2014

‘Facebook’ acquires ‘WhatsApp’

The ventures largest acquisition, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion USD.

‘Facebook’ acquires 'WhatsApp'2014

Introduction of ‘LinkedIn Ads’

LinkedIn Ads encouraged companies to sponsor their content across by paying a fee. This is the most common way for social media websites to generate revenue.

Introduction of 'LinkedIn Ads'2014

End of ‘Orkut’

With so many competitors offering better user interfaces, Orkut had very little scope to survive. To sum this up, Orkut eventually had to dissolve.

End of ‘Orkut’2015

Snapchat launches ‘Discover Feature’

Snapchat introduced a new insights tool called the ‘Discover Feature’. This helped improve the app’s feed depending on the users’ interests.

Snapchat launches ‘Discover Feature’2017

Expansion of ‘Influencer Marketing’

Subsequently, Influencer Marketing came into existence as they are highly regarded by the audiences due to their social influence or expertise in the respective fields.

Expansion of ‘Influencer Marketing’2019

‘Amazon’ becomes the biggest e-commerce platform

The world’s largest e-commerce marketplace with a revenue of $232 billion USD (2018).

'Amazon' becomes the biggest e-commerce platform2019

‘Google+’ ceased to exist

Low user engagement and difficulty in maintaining the user’s expectations led to the shutdown of Google+.

'Google+' ceased to exist


Here we are, in a futuristic era that is changing the course of Digital Marketing on an everyday basis. We just can’t anticipate the technological advancement that’ll come next, but we can surely analyse the present trends and foresee how marketing will prevail over the years.

If you are looking for such a digital expert, feel free to contact us!

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