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Every Business should know these Social Media Marketing Trends of 2019

With the commencement of this promising year, business owners and marketers should be concerned about the various ways to make their companies more successful in 2019.

Finding ways to leverage their social media channels more feasibly and effectively is what every marketers’ goal should be!

As of today, social media platforms provide a wide range of opportunities to any businesses, to consistently express their brand value. If you want to lodge a complaint or even ask questions, social networks are the go-to platform!

None of the enterprises can disregard the importance of its social media presence, as it influences the way people perceive its brand.

So how can you augment your brands’ success in 2019? Listed down are a few online marketing trends and practices to follow for expanding your business.

 Personal Branding Over Business Branding:

Putting up a real face to a brand name, especially for small businesses helps to build brand loyalty. Adding that human touch to a brand helps to gain more trust, in-turn building long-lasting relationships with its customers.

In this modern age, people are Searching you at every stage of your career.

Personal Branding

Giving any a brand an official face to look up to has become a staple for many organizations. Guest blogging, podcasts, webinars are the most effective ways to humanize any brand.

Let’s take a look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and take a look at their brands! Their character and company leadership expertise were exhibited admirably, strengthening their brands’ reputation.

Long-form content:

While word count of any article or blog is not the only aspect that will impact the search engine results pages, Search Engine Optimization experts share similar opinions regarding the use of long-form content and its impact.

A high-quality article with 1,600 words tends to outmatch a high-quality article with 500 words. For this very reason, publishers feel the requirement of reaching out to guest authors to submit articles with a minimum of 1000 or more words.

In the coming years, we’ll see companies and organizations embracing long-form content and integrating them into their strategies. This results in businesses opting for long and comprehensive articles with great insights to attract readers and give Google a reason to rank them above everyone else.

Personalized marketing:

In this ever-growing digital world, where data is everything, companies are digging into their database for creating customized marketing campaigns, targeting the interests of individuals at different points in the buyer’s overall experience.

The goal of this aspect of marketing is to fairly engage the customers or prospective customers by interacting with every individual.

The Benefits of Personalized Marketing:

Improved Customer Experience:

Participate in Surveys to receive discounts.
Indicate their Favourite Products & Purchases.







Drive Revenue:
Increases ROI by responding to the consumers preferred channels.

Drive Revenue

Increase Brand Loyalty:

Treated as unique Individuals with specific preferences.
Personalized Marketing induces customer satisfaction.

Brand Loyalty

Consistency Across Channels:

Brands Interacting across different Channels

  • Email
  • Social
  • Mobile

Consistency Across Channels:

Every brand has to tailor make their campaigns, introduce special offers and discounts for their customers. To fulfill this, every marketing module should comprise of re-targeting campaigns along with targeted advertising on all its channels.

As the demand for individualized content grows daily, we expect the social platforms to fine-tune their targeting methodologies by introducing new complex targeting tools.

Video’s prominence for Content exposure

In this fast pacing world, where individuals have little or no time for apprehending the latest business or product updates, it is essential for marketers to devise their marketing communications plan accordingly.

The consumption of content goes way beyond the written text, as videos and podcasts are witnessing great success!

As YouTube and IGTV have been hogging most of the individual’s time, social media platforms are always keen to highlighting video content. Even Facebook has adjusted its algorithm to make sure that video content pops up more frequently on our feeds!

Research by Blue Corona states that 80% of consumers believe video demonstrations are helpful when making purchases.

Video marketing is trending. Live – streaming will continue its dominance to engage individuals on social media. On average, people spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video than a video that is no longer live.

Two-thirds of all internet traffic was streaming live video (since 2017). Live streaming can have a huge impact when combined with influencer marketing.

 Live video streaming on different Social Media PlatformsVideo’s prominence is closely tied to personal branding. It puts together a ‘Face’ for your business. It also plays a crucial role in enabling the audience to know more about the leader of its most favourable brand! Videos also provide a great platform for the businesses to exhibit not only what they do, but also ‘Who’ they are!

Apart from videos, a podcast is also witnessing a wide range of acceptance. Audio is bringing back the ‘Radio Days,’ making it the best way to catch up with your favourite stories and brand updates when you’re on the go!

More and more marketers are experimenting with podcasts. What makes it special is that ‘Podcasting’ focuses on content dispersion rather than promotion. Individual behavioural patterns show that people subscribe to podcasts, as they are interested in relevant and insightful content, whether it comes from a brand or a person.

Fall of Organic Reach & Rise of Paid Media

With the fall of organic reach, most companies will feel the need to invest in boosted posts, sponsored posts and social media ads if they want to stay at the top.

Research shows that 77% of Pages’ reach has been achieved through Promoted posts back in 2013! Just imagine the growth and evolution of paid promotions in 2019.

Thankfully, social media advertising doesn’t really put a big hole in your pockets, as a small amount of investment can do wonders in this particular sector.

Increase in the use of Chatbots

A specialized form of software, Chatbots help the businesses to communicate with users and assist them in completing their goals. Chatbots interact with individuals through the use of text chat windows and verbal interactions.

Facebook has been using chatbots substantially for several tasks. Ranging from weather updates to automating customer support functions, Chatbots can easily handle these processes.

It’s a suitable replacement of limited human resources and allows users to get more personalized and focused interactions and experiences. They had already displayed an extensive usage by the businesses in 2018, and the usage is most likely to grow in 2019.

Voice Search

Verbal interaction with devices is the ‘New – Age Revolution’ in the world of technology. The real deal is talking and its convenience! Moreover, now machines are finally able to grasp the way individuals shop, search and discover new things!

Nevertheless, this brings along some exciting challenges! Carrying out a voice search differs from a typing query, particularly in the results.

Text-based search is still considered to provide more relevant search results than voice interaction, as voice interaction may only offer a few choices at the most, while text-based search displays one whole page as a search result, with various opportunities.

This means that creating the most apt Voice Search is going to require a different approach, and this sphere of interest can’t be ignored as it is an integral part of digital marketing and people are relying on it more than ever!

The Rise of Influencer marketing and micro-influencers

Influencer Marketing is rapidly finding its place as a standardized element on your marketing mix. A blend of old and new marketing tools, Influencer Marketing takes the idea of ‘Celebrity Endorsement’ and strategically places it into a modern-day content-driven campaign!

Voice SearchAs the demand for influencers grows, Big Influencers are becoming even more expensive than ever. This is when micro-influencers come into play and close the gap for small and medium scale enterprises.

Micro-Influencers might not exhibit a reach as vast as celebrities and A-listers but may have a massive influence on their followers. A micro-influencer having 50k followers as an audience can be a perfect pick for a small scale brand, taking into consideration that the influencer complements the brand’s product or service.

Social media for sales enablement

Social is already proving useful when it comes to product discovery. Brands can promote themselves through these effective channels and customers are finding them virtually, before making their purchase.

Social Media has made a formidable place for business ventures, not only making its particulars about awareness and engagement but heading towards sales enablement in the business matrix.

Consumer Behaviour on Social Media          Consumer Behaviour on Social Media  Consumer Behaviour on Social Media 

Brands and businesses have an excellent opportunity to maximize this trend and improve their social media strategy. You need not always carry out a sales pitch in all your communications to convince people to trust you. It’s about making a smooth experience, which in turn drives sales.

The Fake Followers Era Comes to an End

Instagram is the most popular app in social media; influencers have benefited from the success of the app through its ever-growing audience.

Nevertheless, it is no secret that quite a few Instagram accounts have artificially increased their number of followers to boost their popularity. Many of the digital marketers provide fake followers if the price is right.

To tackle this, Instagram announced that they’d initiated a protocol that removes inauthentic likes, follows and comments from accounts that used third -party apps to increase their popularity.

Realizing the effect of fake followers on businesses, many social media platforms are planning to end this, by taking appropriate measures for the same.

As an ethical business, there’s no need to increase your follower base if you’re not already engaging with your existing ones. Instead, it would be best if you spent more time on growing your audience base through organic or paid mediums to avoid a sudden drop of fake followers.

Augmented Reality to become more mainstream

Every Social Media Marketing professional is keen to understand and recognize the influence of new age technology on the future social media trends. It is vital for every organization to capitalize on the latest trends while targeting potential customers. The very nature of social media’s existence comes from the advancement of technology. As technology evolves, so does the trend!

AR has wholly redefined social media experience. It’s only a matter of time until we see a surged use of Augmented Reality on various social media channels.

What Augmented Reality Offers?

  • New Approaches for Delivering Content
  • A Whole New Market base on Social Media Platforms
  • AR’s Live experience will stimulate buying patterns
  • An excellent tool for Empathy and Cognitive Enhancement (For Non-Profits, Environmentalists)

In this era, we have already seen the involvement of AR by brands to smoothen the customer experience. Augmented Reality tends to make any brand communication fun, engaging and actionable. Having the option of trying out a pair of glasses, or trying out designer wear before buying them directly boosts the buying experience and leads to an increased number of sales.


Trends are contemporary and utterly dynamic in nature, and it surely doesn’t guarantee success. You should be aware of the latest social media trends, but before you start your marketing journey, make sure to evaluate the trend carefully. Consistency is the key to any marketing success, and blending it with the most trending aspect will undoubtedly ensure a favourable outcome for your business efforts.

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