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Social Media Trends for 2020Check out the Social Media Trends for 2020

The Trends on Social Media constantly undergo a paradigm shift! Moreover, with the continuous advancement in terms of technology, it’s enabling new ways for people to interact, both on devices and social platforms.

A sudden rise in the usage of Stories is a living example for the above statement! Just a few years ago, IG Stories weren’t even being considered.

Besides, more than a billion individuals actively use the Story Feature across the key social platforms.

This has led to the expansion of Augmented Reality (AR) tools like Face Filters. Virtual Reality (VR) tools are also on the rise, while Home Assistant devices and Voice Search is being used extensively by the users.

It certainly can be tough to keep up with the latest trends. Well, Change is the only thing that’s constant – Especially in Advertising.

For this very reason, our team of experts have analysed the current trends and jotted down a few pointers that you need to consider while devising your content strategies.


Social Media Trends for 2020


Location-Based Marketing

Knowing the location and whereabouts of your audience is the key to a successful business module. The growth of mobile integration and consumer’s faith in technology makes Location-Based Marketing more effective and efficient.

Also known as Geo-Marketing, this ground-breaking marketing technique has become increasingly popular and cost-effective.

As ‘Attracting More Customers’ is the desired outcome of any marketing initiative, this approach is most suitable for small scale businesses planning to expand locally.Location-Based Marketing

Create location-based pages to promote local events and branch-specific deals.

Short-Lived Content

As clear as it sounds like, Short-lived content is created in real-time and available only for a set period. This whole wave was started by Snapchat, as more and more businesses started optimizing this concept of short-lived content.

Subsequently, in today’s world, Instagram dominates the space of short-lived content, while its parent Facebook also lets you take leverage of this spectacular feature.

Short-Lived ContentShort-lived content disappears after a certain period (FB/IG stories)

Short-lived Content stirs the digital marketing domain, letting marketers have the benefit of creating a less detailed content strategy.

As the content disappears after a few hours, the content need not necessarily follow a certain aesthetic for branding purposes, giving the designers the leverage to experiment.

Short-lived content is considerably been used to show Behind The Scenes (BTS) of office, shoots of product launches etc.

Create visual content to trigger an immediate reaction and boost engagement.

Discovery Through Social Media

In this era of short-lived moments, it’s essential to understand the ways a consumer discovers a new brand, product or service. And the momentum is shifting from Traditional to Digital!

It is estimated that 50% of the searches will be through images or speech by 2020 (Google Lens & Google Assistant), while 37% cite search engines as the main way they find out about new brands, products and services.

In other words, people are most likely to discover brands through comments and recommendations on social media, as there has been a steady rise from 22% to 25% since 2015.

Discovery through Social Media

Just imagine; your profile is been screened and segmented, giving you a Title or an Identity. This ‘Digital Profiling’ will help the marketers reach out to the right target audience!

Note: The above illustration is the IG feed of a Copy Writer!

Include the products name and price for easy product discovery.

Video Marketing

Well… I’ll let you decipher this all by yourself!!! But if you’re still doubtful about what it is, Video Marketing is a marketing proficiency used to promote a brand, product or service using video as a visual medium.

Typically, a marketing campaign incorporates video into the communication mix!

Video MarketingThe Benefits of Video Marketing


  • Gold Mine for SEO

    • Increases Search Engine Ranking
    • Click-Through Rates
  • Increases Conversion Rates

    • Research has found that 57% of online consumers are likely to buy a product after a visual demonstration
  • Accessible

    • Smartphones have led the consumers to access online video anytime
    • Endless Platforms i.e. YouTube, FB, Instagram.
  • Effective

    • Retention rates as high as 80%


Take a crash course of Adobe Premier Pro or Adobe After Effects.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Many individuals are yet to experience the true potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Consequently, this aspect of marketing will be a game-changer and will entice many marketers to apply the same in their marketing communications.

To give you a heads up, Virtual Reality is a fully immersive environment (Usually a simulation) that gives the user a feeling of being in that particular environment, without being physically present in that respective environment.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality is a technology where the user is still able to view the environment he’s physically present in, but the device helps place computer-generated graphical representations in the user’s real environment.

AR & VR helps progress from a 2D interface to a 3D interface.

As Facebook has enabled VR videos on its platform, marketers are bound to explore the creative aspect that this particular feature has to offer!

Use Facebook 360, Facebook Canvas and other AR/VR tools to showcase your content.

Influencer Marketing

It was only a decade ago that Influencer Marketing was limited to top-notch celebrities and public figures. Now, it’s a whole new ball game! Even micro-influencers having 5K followers on Instagram are approached by brands for an endorsement!

Influencer Marketing has got a high success rate as the credibility and trust the influencers have built serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers.


Similarly, research says that 89% of the marketers agree to high ROI (Return on Investment) compared to other channels and mediums.

Team up with credible Influencers to promote your products and services.


One thing is for certain… Change is Inevitable! Be well informed about the latest social media trends for 2020, evaluate the same for its effectiveness and implement the latest trends in your content strategies.

Find our insights interesting?

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