Here are the trends of IPL in 2019 and how ‘Hotstar’ has become a platform for online marketing.

Trends of IPL 2019Here are the trends of IPL in 2019 and how ‘Hotstar’ has become a platform for online marketing

Being the most celebrated sports event in India, the Indian Premier League was started in 2008. It is an elaborate tournament which involves the mixture of Indian cricketers with players from all over the world, through bidding.

As this elaborate sports phenomenon is backed by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), the richest cricket board in the world, the money involved in this business hub has exceeded its limits.

The general idea of deciphering the money spent in this tournament can be understood by the earnings of the players in IPL, which easily surpasses their earnings received while playing for their national team.

With a free-flow of capital comes different ways of earning money through it. The most popular way of earning money from IPL is betting!

It is estimated that roughly millions of dollars are spent on every match, just by winning and losing on IPL bets.

The emergence of digital platforms that provide live streaming has drastically increased the number of audiences.

Change of IPL Trends over the years: 

  • Target Group

Young audience contributes to the majority of viewers. (2 years to 21 years)

  • A rise of Female Viewership

Rise of Female Viewership

  • A rise of Sports Viewership on Television

In 2016, IPL contributed 22% of total sports viewership.

In 2018, the figure doubled to 43%.

  • Regional Speech over Universal Commentary

Regional Speech Over Universal Commentary

  • Increase in Advertised Sponsorships

Since inception, the number of advertised brands has increased to 79%.

Brand categories include smartphones, cellular phone services and e-commerce brands.

For many small scale businesses, this is a great time to boost their brand equity by taking leverage of digital platforms. One of the most influential digital platforms is ‘Hotstar’, which offers live streaming services.

Above all, Hotstar has got over 100 million monthly users, which provides any business with a platform to explore, strategize and channel their paid marketing efforts. But many establishments are not fully aware when it comes to leveraging with such digital platforms.

Perhaps, we will have to understand the importance of placing an ad at such a platform. But first, let’s understand the platform itself.

About Hotstar Advertising

Hotstar being the most popular digital and mobile entertainment platform in India and as IPL is the ‘Hottest Topic’ this season, placing ads in Hotstar IPL 2019 is the best opportunity for both medium and high budget advertisers.

Out of 700 million viewers in IPL 2018, more than 200 million viewers preferred Hotstar as a visual streaming platform.

Vivo IPL TV viewership vs Hotstar viewership


Most importantly, the best part about this platform is that it provides an opportunity for both medium and high budget advertisers. Introduction of customized targeting through the use of filters has just improved ad placement techniques.

Why place an ad in Hotstar IPL 2019?

  • 200+ Million Viewers
  • Low barriers for placing ads
  • Customized Targeting
  • Product Integration on Page
  • Retargeting the audience on Non-IPL Programs.

Advertising Rates

Advertising rates offered by Hotstar is in terms of CPM (Cost Per Mille), which is the cost of 1000 impressions (Total number of times the ad is played on a screen, usually per account).

For Hotstar IPL 2019, the advertising rates are INR 120 CPM (without targeting) and INR 240 CPM (With targeting). Considered to be the lowest IPL ad rates till date, advertisers can select only one of the available targeting filters. GST charges of 18% are applicable over a particular margin.


In conclusion, the Indian Premier League is one of a kind and the biggest extravaganza of cricket in India. It has not only evolved into a sporting event but as a ‘Festival’ in India.

Therefore with increasing penetration of smartphone and internet in our everyday lives, the growth of IPL is set to increase.

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Here is a list of Top 6 benefits of Digital Marketing.

Why Digital?

People nowadays use the term ‘Digital’ a lot more than they ever did. They also mention that we live in a digital era and the future is digital, have we ever thought why…….?

Still thinking? Let us tell you!

For Baby Boomers and Gen X, it just might be a strange and bizarre concept! We look around and notice digitalization in our everyday life more than ever.

Digital Media has become a fifth necessity, right after mobile phones. But in this age, we end up doing everything digitally. May it be the exchange of real-time personalised messages, ordering online merchandises or even food!

According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online, while Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online.

Digital World Add growth prediction

Digitalization has changed the overall perception towards life. The youth and the forthcoming generations are even more tech-savvy! A 6-year-old operates a cell phone Like a Pro!

There are various ‘Pros and Cons’ of Digitalization, like it is rightly said that every coin has two sides. But now, when we address ‘Digital Marketing’ in specific, we think there are more pros than cons.

We will be jotting them down for you but before we do that, do you really want to know how Digital Marketing actually works? Digital Marketing is marketing your brand/product online through digital mediums.

If listing down a few advantages makes you believe in this concept more, we are more than happy to share this with you.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Reach:

For e.g. Residing in Mumbai, we have no idea about what brands are advertising in the UK via mediums such as newspapers, hoardings, etc.

Perhaps the most important benefit on this particular list is Reach. Irrespective of your industry or business, there is a good chance that your audiences or buyers are spending their time on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram.

eMarketer states that one-third of the earth’s population uses social media platforms regularly!

Number of Daily Active Facebook users Worldwide

Reference –

When we portray our content on Social Media or a Website/Blog, it is possible for the user to make it accessible globally and to gain a wider reach for the same content. This makes it easier for marketers to influence the prospects in half the marketing budget spends!

  • Target Audience:

Defining your target audience and segregating it accordingly is one of the best business practices. As we want to target only a particular range of audience for a particular brand or product, the power of Advertisements on Social Media enables us to target only those prospects.

For e.g. If you own a Travel Company and have different types of packages like adventure trips, trips only for women etc, customized targeting enables you to select only that age group, gender etc. while the other mediums restrict you to do so.

As Digital mediums provide a wide range of web-based applications and tools for targeting individuals at a feasible cost, it is critically acclaimed by marketers to opt for such aid.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer sophisticated targeting options that help you reach prospective consumers.

Ad campaign set-up

With digital marketing in the picture, you no longer have to worry about spending your money on ads that won’t reach your actual consumers.

  • Cost efficient:

Why spend a bomb on a temporary print media article when the same amount can cover various Digital Marketing activities? Traditional media also falls short in generating brand resonance, which is the basic fundamental of every marketer’s vision. If a brand fails to evoke a certain emotion within their prospects, then all the marketing efforts can be easily poured down the drain!

While traditional marketing bears various hidden costs, the only cost that digital marketing bears is time! Your content marketing efforts and strategies take time to work their magic.

Moreover, there are various digital marketing tactics such as pay-per-click, SEO and social media advertising that can generate quicker results!!

What we mean to say is, if you spend on Online Platforms, they enable you to retain your content for ages and the content is accessible for the audiences to view as per their convenience. The more it retains with the audience, the faster the brand will grow.

  • Measurable:

It’s tedious to keep a track of offline marketing activities while Digital Marketing makes it a lot convenient when you want to measure the impact and results of an ongoing campaign.

With insights and analysis being available on various platforms, it enables the admin to get complete information about the same. So users, the next time you’ll view —- or tap on a link, remember that they are watching your every move.

Not aware of any tools for social media analysis? There are several social networks that provide the ability to analyse your marketing efforts from within the platform themselves. Even though these tools might not have much to offer compared to the other specialized analytics tools, these tools are free, and a great place to begin your analysis.

Some of these tools go by the name of:

  • Facebook Insights

  • Pinterest Analytics

  • Twitter Analytics

  • Instagram Insights

  • Youtube Analytics

  • Google Analytics

Instagram Analytics          Instagram Analytics

The above fig. is a reference for Instagram Analytics.

Apart from these tools who offer free services, there are a few cross-platform social media analytics tools who allow you to conduct analysis for all your online accounts. They are paid by nature, but some of these platforms do offer free features and a free trial period.

Do check out these tools for more efficient measurability.

  • User-Generated Content:

While conducting Online Marketing activities, the users of your brand provide you with content which is very beneficial to strengthen the image of the brand among customers and build trust amongst the audience.

This, in turn, creates user-generated content for the brand which can be utilized for further communication on various platforms.

It is a great source of credibility and advocates a sense of trust within the individuals, in-turn driving the consumer’s perception towards a positive direction.

One of the most mind-blowing UGC was used by STARBUCKS. Delicately crafted, Starbucks introduced ‘White Cup Contest’ in April 2014, a simple yet vivid concept that encourages customers to decorate its cups with customized art and submit the images on Twitter. Nearly 4000 entries just in a span of 3 weeks! Truly an impressive campaign!

Starbucks White Cup Contest

Conducting surveys can also prove to be impactful to accumulate user-generated content. Don’t forget to explore this sect of digital marketing.

  • Accessibility:

How often do you turn to Google or any other search engine for any information you need? The same idea can be applied to your consumer behaviour!

The best part of digital marketing is that it allows you to connect with consumers who browse content on their mobile devices.

The accessibility of Digital Content is a lot more than any other medium. The main reason is that an individual has access to the brands’ content 24/7 without any constraints, which in turn helps in building brand confidence.

For e.g., If a user from the USA wants to check out a brand which is present in India, he has access to the content present online without worrying about having to get in touch with the company.


Back in our days, we used to read books to pass our time, but now YouTube is the ultimate solution to a kids’ entertainment. We believe this is the reason why people call our future to be digital.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of digital marketing, and offers the best possible ways to reach your customers! Naturally, the question arises, how do I get started?

It’s crucial to have a sound digital marketing strategy before you begin creating, distributing or launching any digital ad campaign. You have to scrutinize and consider your set business goals while formulating your marketing goals, after which, you have to create customer personas, determine the digital marketing strategies that are completely apt, and develop a plan for implementation and measurement.

If you are looking out for such digital marketing experts, Big Mouth Digital & Media is here at your service! Our team of mixed bag professionals will enable your business to take advantage of the many benefits digital marketing has got to offer! We provide a variety of services such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, and more!

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